1. The PLATFORM shall solely handle all financial transactions against the Services.
  2. No payments for the Services will be made other than on PLATFORM’s payment gateway.
  3. Where there is consultation fee, the Patients must pay the consultation fee and VAT before joining the doctor queue for consultation.
  4. Where there is no consultation fee, the Patients will not be required to make any payment and they will be directly transferred to the doctor consultation queue.
  5. Once the Patient has made the payment and joined the queue, s/he will not be able to cancel the payment except as provided herein.


  1. If the wait time in the queue is more than 60 minutes, customers can cancel the consultation and a refund will be made deducting a small payment processing fee.
  2. If a doctor can not consult a Patient due to any reason within 60 minutes of Initiation Request, the user will get a full refund.
  3. If a Patient cancels a consultation prior to the video call of the Doctor after acceptance by the Doctor of the Patient’s request before the expiry of 60 minutes from the Initiation Request, a 5% fee will be deducted and the remaining fee will be refunded to the Patient. There may be additional charges to make the refund. For example, if the user wants the money to be refunded to bKash, bKash transaction fee will be deducted.
  4. For any cancellation and refund please email to:
  5. Refund process may take up to 14 working days.